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Aline Setton is a Brazilian artist whose practice primarily focuses on painting. having grown up in São Paulo, she has been deeply influenced by the accelerated urban environment. Aline attended the architecture and urbanism program at Escola da Cidade University in her hometown for two years before moving to Northern California, USA to study studio arts and become a painting apprentice. The shift from living in a metropolis to the countryside has furthered her understanding about the impact surroundings have in our ways of experiencing physical spaces. Aline taps into the cumulative effects of these changes of landscape to create narratives using abstracted fragments of architecture, geographies and cultural references. She finds inspiration in nature, the utopian modernists and the cubist attempt to reveal a succession of different points of view in one composition. Aline has exhibited in Brazil, United States, Portugal and Canada. Recently she has taken interest in themes such as migration and ecological impact, using abstraction to study spatial configurations bringing art, architecture and nature together on a pictorial plane, which she now explores in her Toronto based studio.

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