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Lindsay Anne DELANEY

​As a strong, successful female photographer in a male-dominated industry, Lindsay Anne Delaney is undoubtedly leaving her indomitable mark on the Canadian fashion scene. A trailblazer for inclusivity, Delaney owns and celebrates her beautiful curves in an industry that typically promotes über-thin models and an unrealistic body image. Born and raised in St. John’s, Newfoundland, she enjoyed all the benefits and charm the small town has to offer; indeed, she attributes her firecracker personality to her East-coast roots. Her career aspirations, however, drew her to the big city. Venturing off to study at the New England School of Photography in Boston would prove to be the catalyst that would set these plans in motion. She then completed the Visual Arts program at the College of the North Atlantic in Stephenville, followed by a Bachelor of Fine Arts (with a major in photography) from NSCAD University.

In the years following, Delaney has become a household name amongst Canada’s most influential celebrities and fashion elite. She has worked with leading designers and influencers including Sylvia Mantella, Jason Priestly, Cindy Sampson, Laura Vandervoort, Christopher Bates, Stephan Caras Designs, Sebastian Giovinco, Pascal Labelle, House of Dalla, and more. Some of her more recent projects include a campaign for HotelX Toronto, Walmart’s campaign for the Joan Kelley Walker Collection, shot on a Yacht in the Toronto Harbour, and multiple covers for Vitalize Magazine and Preferred Men’s Magazine. Each of these shoots featured a tight production team working in interesting locations around Toronto. Each of these projects allowed Delaney, who is known for her ability to get the shot quickly, to use her environment to tell a story with fashion at the forefront. In September of 2019, Delaney had the honour of being sent by Preferred Men’s magazine to Turkey on a press tour, officially igniting her second passion as an editorial travel photographer. In December 2019, Delaney made her debut on Cityline as the designated photography specialist.

Her latest national magazine cover and editorial for Vitalize was shot in the Toronto subway system with supermodel/TV Host, Kim Cloutier, wearing Canadian designer, Mikhael Kale. This most recent body of work entitled, "Lower Level," pairs the gritty with the glam, as high fashion sits within a backdrop of 1970’s era architecture aged by urban grime. The delicate lace and  embroidered dresses, with their Victorian collars, high necklines, and billowing fabrics, elicit classical feminine sensibilities. Delaney plays with these characteristics to invert the narrative, delivering images that evoke an androgynous, powerful figure, which expertly convey a contemporary aesthetic and composition.

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