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The duties of an art advisor span from assisting collectors and art dealers in finding the right art pieces to buy to managing and curating art collections on behalf of their owners. Our mission involves not only the careful selection of suitable artworks with high artistic relevance and good market value, but also the promotion and advertising of the collections within the larger art world. Our main goals are to understand the clients’ tastes and requirements, assess the pros and cons of prospective purchases based on the attentive evaluation of the market, and offer guidance through the processes and regulations of acquiring art- including its most technical aspects such as authentication and ownership rights.

Think of art consultants as the art world’s personal shoppers: they strive to familiarize themselves with their clients’ artistic preferences and aesthetic tastes, take care of art funds and work to expand them through highly thought-out investment choices, craft a specific identity for art collections and improve their clients’ reputation in the sector. Just like a personal shopper hunts for fashion items that match their clients’ personalities and needs, a good art consultant always stays on top of the market’s hottest trends and engages with the global sourcing of artworks on behalf of their clients: they participate regularly in art fairs and auctions around the world, cultivate networks of contacts with the main actors of the sector, and obtain access to exclusive marketplaces whose doors are generally closed for the less experienced art owner.

The art consultant’s all-round vision, however, goes well beyond the generic assistance with the dynamics of art buying. Not only they carefully listen to their clients’ needs and motivations for buying art, helping them to make the right choices in terms of investment and quality; their guidance becomes invaluable as they use their artistically-trained eye and superior aesthetic sense to choose pieces that meaningfully complement their clients’ nature and ideas. A second category of art consultants deal less with artworks as assets or historically-interesting objects. Instead, they work with clients who want to use art pieces to articulate and communicate a specific vision and create a visually compelling identity for themselves or their business.

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