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My most recent body of work came about largely by accident; I was fabricating a privacy screen out of steel tubing that consisted of hundreds of cut off pieces of steel tubing that where welded together into 3 separate larger rectangular shapes. The rectangles in their various states of completion sat on the work tables in groupings and seemed to me to have a life all of their own almost like little tech bots.


I started to pull off and separate some of the individual rectangles and realized that they worked on their own, sculpturally and each had a unique character when set aside from the group.


They are intentionally left rough in some areas and highly finished in other areas. They are simultaneously whimsical, and almost playful, and yet have a strong geometric composition.


These works came without much struggle or conscious thought on my part, and as such, I thought is fitting to let some of this show through in their presentation; I allowed some of the work, the grind marks, the welds, the rusting, the whole process, intentionally visible. Yet, I also felt it was important to give each piece a look of completion by presenting the composition and complimentary materials in a finished form of a sculpture with a walnut base.

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