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Art Consulting Projects

some examples of our work


Leslieville, Toronto Office

We selected black-and-white graphic paintings by Toronto-based artist, David Brown, to adorn the large white wall in the open co-working area. A Kathryn MacNaughton artist print anchors the space and adds a punch of colour. 

When a space has existing architectural details such as columns, the negative space they create can be used to frame different vignettes, separating artwork groupings.

Brick walls can be tricky for art placement as you need to ensure that the brick doesn't overpower the artwork or clash with it. We chose to frame this David Brown piece with a thick white shadowbox, allowing the art to pop against its similarly toned backdrop. 

People often forget about sculpture when selecting artwork. Celebrated Canadian sculptor, Gord Smith's bronze pieces bring an added dimension and vibrancy with their reflective, metallic surface.  

We love colour! Bold, colourful art is a great way to add visual interest to a space. Jeremy Hoffeld's graffiti-like, large scale paintings energize the otherwise neutral palette used in this office space. 


The Beaches, Toronto Condo

For this particular condo, our greatest challenge was finding works that met the owners aesthetic and investment requirements that would also complement their newly-installed textured wallpapers and already colourful interior. This painting by Chase Langford, pictured in the first slide, certainly fit the bill. It took some time, however, to find a piece to suit the boldly patterned wallpaper in the bedroom, but we're thrilled with the result in the end, having found the lime green, whimsical piece by Toronto native, Janna Watson. 

We also managed to find a fabulous abstract in bright yellow hues by David T. Alexander for the dining room, which anchors the room and is a real show-stopper. 


Hair Salon, Toronto

This youthful and trendy East End Toronto salon was looking for some contemporary pieces to adorn its walls. We chose some cool geometric pieces, black and white prints, and an expressive figurative painting to do just that. 


Midtown Toronto Condo

This is a long-time client who has been collecting for many years, with a wide range of contemporary art, from a variety of national and international artists, in a range of media. 

Works include Canadian East Coast painter, Brian Burke, up-coming Toronto painting star, Kathryn MacNaughton, a triptych by Colombian-Canadian painter, Carlos Delgado, a popular skeleton painting by John Scott, and in intricate metal piece by Micah Lexier

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